Awareness is a relative concept. It may be focused on an internal state, such as a visceral feeling, or on external state by way of sensory perception. Trying to go a bit farther we could say that at some point awareness define our way to perceive the world around us.

The way in which we are aware of our identity, other identities, time and space, define the value of any our single action.

We live in a complex system where we share multiple sides of ourself with other beings in a ever changing environment. Every side have to be calibrate and balance in order to maintain a self sustainability of our being.

Every second we are so overwhelmed by any kind of information, touching and stimulating these multiple sides of our identity, that little or nothing is left for listening a deeper perception of the world.

Every second we are so absorbed by the research and the decoding of meaning for thoughts, actions, dreams, fears, wishes and possibilities that we have become unable to listen the beating of our heart,  the body muscles stretching and contracting for any single movement, the different smells that surround us, the wind whisper, the different taste of air, our skin texture… we have become unable to perceive and follow our intuition.

It is like there is a deeper rhythm that belong our lives but nowadays the noise of our society keep it away from being heard.

It has become so difficult feel it that somebody believe it doesn’t exist at all.

How long have you been without keep a moment from everything around you, trying to reconnect with your own intuition?

The Dagara tribe in west Africa say we are gifted with the five senses to see the world from 5 different points of view at once… do you remember to have ever try it?

What is the last time do you experiment all the 5 senses at once?

We believe humans have forgotten how to listen at this rhythm.

According with the researchers we can train our brain, we can train our feelings, our emotions as we can train our body.

The power of nature to balance our lifes has always been accepted as a matter of fact. It’s like we have a natural tendency to connect with the natural environment as a part of our identity. From the Biophilia hypothesis of E.O. Wilson to the Nature Connectedness concept the point has always been the same: humans have an innate desire to be near nature.

AWARE facilitates people to reconnect with their inner part trough the nature, aiming to a rediscovery process of identity awareness, a reconciliation with our most ancient state of mind. Nature can help us to “rewild” our senses and make us able to re-connect with our intuition.






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