Building a resilent Team

Giving your team the space to thrive, using the power of nature to build a resilent Team and transform your workplace.

Building collaborative and productive teams
Does your business environment support collaboration? Many teams suffer from poor communication, lack of trust and low engagement, struggling to find the true value position whithin the Company. The workplace doesn’t give them the support they need to develop and grow together.

Taking your team away from the workplace, and allowing them the space to reconnect and get to know each other better might be just what your business needs.

Throught wild activities that help to connect each other and with nature, we create space for the team to reflect as a group on bigger questions, relating to their personal and busines culture, legacy, identity, enabling a deeper learning about their feeling and empathy.

Being in the woods is regenerative and fun, promoting health & wellbeing, environmental awareness, and stimulating happiness and motivation.
Programmes include half-day and full-day experience, team building days, and leadership development retreats.

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