Can you hear your heartbeat?

After running through sunlit forests with trees reaching up to the sky, scrambling up the rock with dirt between my fingers, standing atop the peak, feeling your breath stronger for the endeavour, but greeted with the amazing view of the sunset above the montain.

You are leaving your problem back and focusing on the moment.

During that moment many people are at peace. Filled with bliss and calm, moment of clarity thinking about their life and values.

Moments of vital reflection that enable a different approache to life, and a better understanding of our feelings. Embracing nature experiences like this can help to find yourself and show different paths.

We all have intrinsic aspirations (meaningful relationships, personal growth, community contributions) and extrinsic aspirations (fame, wealth, image). But only intrinsic aspirations allow us to perceive an incredibly sense of ourself and our place in the world, providing a so strong sense of vitality and positive feeling to be able to overcame depression and physical illness.

Nature can help us discover our inner self.

Get out there!

If you’re experiencing a life crisis, or trying to under stand better yourself, or stressed about the future this is for you. Get outside, connect with nature! Be immersed. If you can listening the answer will came.

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