AWARE borns like a project to suport the nonprofit B-ONE, www.b-one.org.

We are a group of professionals in different areas, from psychologists, facilitators, coaches, university and primary teachers, working and researching new paths to help people to reconnect with their “rooted” identity. We strongly believe there is a imperishable bond among living beings and our planet.

“The regenerative (r)evolution is well underway. The Re-generation is rising to transform business as usual profoundly and just in time to avoid a global cataclysm.”  Daniel Christian Wahl @DrDCWahl

“At the core of this re-emergence of meaning, at the foundations of a newly emerging worldview is the awareness of our deeply participatory relationship with the living world” Daniel Christian Wahl @DrDCWahl

Nature has always been there to help us.

Only understanding the natural world as a part of our identity and feeling ourself as a part of it, we can step out our anthropocentric view.

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